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Test Manager. | Creative Mind. | Project Manager.| Test Automation Specialist.| SCRUM Master.| Orchestra Coach.

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Martin Schacher


Test Management / Test Automation / L&P Testing
C# / JAVA / PHP / Python / SQL / Django / Flask
Unity / Photon / Smartfox
Presentation skills / Show-Writing / Band Coaching
German / English / French

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This is my virtual business card. A place about passion, quality, creativity, entertainment, culture, games, learning and fun.

Passion, Craft, Quality and Fun - these 4 ingredients are the key factors to turn any product into something that makes your clients think "WOW!".

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How it began

After a disastrous client presentation I was sent to test management school where my passion for quality ignited. Over the last seven years I was given the opportunities to learn all the aspects from manual, automated, performance and security testing. Today I work as a consultant for test management and automation of large scale applications.

Broad Skillset

During my career I have worked in almost any IT domain: as IT-supporter, developer, then later as a project manager, presales, trainer and test manager. I have learned what it takes to build an application from end-to-end, and where the key success factors and possible pitfalls are. My desire to understand things has filled many bookshelfs at home, my Kindle- and my Udemy repository.


My strength is my broad knowhow on all steps necessary to build software - from requirements engineering to project management, design, implementation and testing. This integral knowledge helps me to understand all stakeholders and tackle problems at the right spot.

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